Complify acquisition and Amul Sagar Bhatia joining KDOA

Kevin D. Oden & Associates (KDOA) is pleased to announce that they have acquired a robust model risk management platform and validation reporting system through the purchase of Complify.

This acquisition expands KDOA’s capabilities as they support clients to achieve best practices and fulfill their internal and regulatory responsibilities in terms of model validation and review, model development and model risk management, more broadly.

KDOA, founded in 2018, is focused on solving the problems of quantitative analysts and model risk managers by providing high-quality, cost effective quantitative analysis, validation, development and model risk advisory.

The acquisition and integration of Complify, founded by Amul Sagar Bhatia, will extend the company’s ability to meet the evolving needs of the financial industry for model risk management

Complify has created a model risk management platform and validation reporting system that maximizes efficiencies and is suitable for any institution that requires model management services.

Amul joins KDOA as a Partner and Head of Product Development, where he will continue to enhance and support the current software solution as well as develop other products to strengthen model risk management practices. Amul has a broad background including experience in Banking, Audit and Fintech.

He also served as the Head of Model Risk Management at Varo Bank and Berkshire Bank. His experience building model risk management programs inspired him to create an automated solution to address the significant challenges in meeting model risk related regulatory requirements. Amul and the Complify platform are excellent complements to KDOA’s industry expertise and experience.